Why Engraving Is….

Engraving is a big part of the end product and the processes we use to do this ensure that your engraving is done with excellence, looks sensational and most importantly has the correct wording with the correct spelling.

Make Your Awards Unique

Engraving is what makes your award unique and different from any other awards. It has the organisations name, the title of the event, what it is awarded for and often the winners name. All these details are engraved into metal, acrylic, glass, crystal or wood as we utilise state of the art engraving computers, new cutting edge printing technologies and laser marking.

Last’s a Lifetime

Engraving will last longer than the product it is placed on. The process of removing material to leave a shape such as the lettering gives it this unique attribute. The carving into stone by the ancient civilisations are fine examples of this craft allowing us a peak of how people lived centuries before us.

Engraving Value for You

We want you to help you have the best value for your awards presentation. One way we do this is by not hiding the engraving cost in the product. Our online store automatically adds the cost of engraving and shows you how much you save in your order.

Online Engraving Pricing for trophies and medals*:

  • 1 only $8.94
  • 2-4 $5.39ea
  • 5-9 $4.20ea
  • 10-19 $2.83ea
  • 20-49 $2.39ea
  • 50+ $2.28ea

*Glass, Crystal and Direct Engraving products are not included in the pricing above.

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